Dr. Anand Desai - M. S. (Gen. Surgery)
Dr Bella Desai - M. D. (OB&GY)

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"I wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with my appointment last week. Every person I encountered was extremely pleasant, caring, and thoughtful."

Shushma Patel

"I want to thank Saumya Hospital staff for their compassion and care during those very rough times for our family. Later, in Ahmedabad, people often asked, “Wasn't it terrible being in Saumya Hospital when this surgery happened?” “No.” I always reply, without any hesitation."

Ankita Sharma

I couldn't have gotten a better midwife than Dr. Bella Desai at Saumya hospital. Me and my husband met her even before I was pregnant seeking some answers. She was very supportive throughout my pregnancy, and attended to those off time requests happily. We delivered a very healthy baby and while I take credit for following certain guidelines, I would like to give Dr. Bella equal credit for sharing best practices with me from time to time. Also, the sisters were very helpful during my 2 day stay at the hospital after delivery. I felt like home at Saumya Hospital.

Darshi Kinarivala

From the very inception of the pregnancy of my wife till the post delivery we felt as if it was a smoothest ride, Dr. Bela Desai with her lots of experience and expertise made the delivery of my wife look tension less.

In today`s world particularly in Ahmedabad where commercial motive is the only objective, you come across very less gynecologists who would prefer a normal delivery, it was Dr. Bela Desai who waited for nearly 12 hours to see that my wife had a normal delivery, very less doctors today would wait for so long, I am sharing this experience so that you make the right choice before choosing your doctor.

Dr. Bela Desai @ Soumya Maternity has helped boost the confidence of my wife through out the 9 months journey regular routine check ups and counselling mattered a lot and added a great value.

To sum up I would state that @ Soumya Maternity with Dr. Bela Desai you are in safe hands and above all the hospitality at the hospital including the staff enables the hospital look so homely even at times factors like two people with the patient, flexible visiting ours for the guests matters as compared to other big hospitals where you do not get such an advantage.

Shail Shah