Dr. Anand Desai - M. S. (Gen. Surgery)
Dr Bella Desai - M. D. (OB&GY)

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It is a great pride in guiding & helping obstetrical patients through all stages of pregnancy, from prenatal care to delivery, whether vaginally, as is usually the case, or by cesarean section, if necessary.

We generally take care of patients for Obstetrical as:

  • PRE-Conceptional
  • Family planning
  • Routine-Obstetric
  • High risk pregnancy care
  • Non-Stress Testing / Monitoring
  • Obstetrical ultrasound

Saumya Hospital like to see expectant mothers for the first time at 7-10 weeks gestation. In a normal pregnancy, you will pursue appointments with an obstetrician every 1 Month. Then every other week at 30 weeks gestation, and every week during the final month. Your provider will collect all of your past health history, making sure that you have access to prenatal vitamins, write a prescription if necessary too.

Expectation During Delivery

Saumya Hospital provides assistance to patients from one of our caring and skilled staff. During your hospital stay we will check on you and help answer all of your questions following labor and delivery.

Expectation From Postnatal Care

After you goto home from the hospital, we definitely schedule an appointment for 6 weeks post-delivery. By scheduling this appointment which helps us and you to set up to tend to your current health needs and ensure that everything is properly healing well after delivery. If you had a c-section delivery your postnatal care schedule varies, that will be slightly different. At Saumya Hospital we totally understand that having a baby is a big adjustment in today's life. The postnatal appointment gives us an opportunity to focus on your health as a new mother and make sure your health care needs are being met.