Dr. Anand Desai - M. S. (Gen. Surgery)
Dr Bella Desai - M. D. (OB&GY)

Opening Hours :

Phone: 079 26931057, 26931060

About Us

In India where Women’s Healthcare was still only being established and at a time when focus was shifting to women’s requirements and their empowerment, Saumya Hospital understood the importance of catering to the medical needs of women regardless of their economic status.
With a dedicated team in a hospital, announced as a structure to the public place in Satellite. Hospital seeks every improvements in patients and number of outpatients annually. Additionally, as a hospital, it also has a constant positivism of doctors who train patients to remain calm and relax during their treatment.
Over the years, We have tried best to keep ourselves updated with state-of-the-art equipment, better facilities and give patients what they need most.


Our mission is to carry forward the philanthropic legacy of the Saumya Hospital and deliver best treatments in Gynaecological care and General Surgical Treatments at affordable costs. 


Our vision is to provide affordable healthcare services comparing to international standards through preventive, intensive, curative and rehabilitative methods along with spreading awareness about the same through quality health services

Our Core Values

Patients First     plus-clipart-7tayqelta      Integrity     plus-clipart-7tayqelta     Excellence     plus-clipart-7tayqelta     Teamwork     plus-clipart-7tayqelta     Caring